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All you Stelena fans using the book quote..  

You’re forgetting that in the book Elena died like 236 times, was an angel, some weird baby thing, a ghost, and we also had evil foxes. 

I don’t think those things will be on the TV show. 

PS. She loves Damon in The Return: Midnight. 

which is after your oh so romantic quote. 

To the people who have read The Vampire Diaries books… 

I’ve read up to The Hunters Trilogy (which kind of disappointed me a little bit) and now I’m wondering whether to get The Salvation: Unseen. Has anyone read it? Is it any good?

I’m surprised Matt hasn’t stormed off all like “fuck y’all. fuck you vampires. fuck you hybrids. fuck you witches. i’m gonna go and be human over there!” 

the main thing that has pissed me off about Stefan recently, is that he pretty much turned Jeremy into a a killing machine causing him to almost kill his own sister. and Stefan did all that for his own SELFISH reason - to ‘fix’ his precious human Elena.

Not being funny, but Tyler was sired to Klaus and it’s not like he wanted to jump his bones. 

Caroline said that whatever Damon says, Elena agrees.. but it’s not like Damon said "you want to have sex with me" and Elena was like "k master."

She wanted to bang him like a ferret on acid. 

I wonder if after shooting the Delena sex scene the directors were like “okay, cut, we’re done” and Nina and Ian just carried on.